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RALI Ohio Grant Supports Clark County Organization to Address Substance Misuse Among Young People

SPRINGFIELD, OH – In Clark County, Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Ohio has provided grant funding to the Clark County Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Support Coalition, which will use the resources to support the Clark County Youth-Led Prevention. The Coalition is working with three local high schools, Springfield High School, Shawnee High School and Clark County Career Technology Center to develop youth-led prevention programs.

“These schools are participating in a tri-county collaborative effort to educates and promote positive youth development,” said Carey Jo McKee, coordinator for the Prevention Treatment and Support Coalition. “The support from RALI Ohio will help empower our area youth to continue making meaningful contributions to their schools and community.”

RALI Ohio partners with statewide, local and national organizations in the fight against addiction and substance abuse. The alliance focuses on elevating effective programs in the areas of prevention, treatment and recovery.

“This region can be proud of the way the Clark County Coalition lives up to its mission, which is to fight substance abuse through collective efforts,” said Senator Bob Hackett. “The support from RALI Ohio will enable them to further this mission, with a focus on our community’s young people.”

This week, RALI Ohio hosted a community conversation at McKinley Hall to recognize the work of Clark County organizations in providing addiction education and prevention services to residents. For 30 years, McKinley Hall has provided drug and alcohol treatment services as a private, nonprofit contract agency of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties, United Way, Housing and Urban Development, the City of Springfield, Ohio Department of Corrections, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

“I applaud the innovative work of the coalition, and of McKinley Hall,” said Rep. Kyle Koehler. “Empowering and educating young people will make a real difference in our efforts to reduce substance misuse.”

In addition to supporting the Prevention Council, RALI Ohio has also worked with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, to provide area residents with drug disposal kits. RALI Ohio has made it a priority to educate the community about the methods for proper disposal of unused medications. Disposal kits are one way citizens can safely discard of medications at home.

“Prevention can start at home, when people clean out their medicine cabinets,” said Brian Melchi, Detective with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division. “The disposal kits we received through a grant from RALI Ohio allowed us to distribute these tools at the county fair and other community events as well as from our office and patrol cars.”

In addition to support for organizations in Clark County, RALI Ohio has also engaged organizations across the state focused on children and families who may be impacted by substance use disorders:

  • Public Children’s Services Association of Ohio is improving outcomes for children who have come into family or residential foster care. PCSAO helps its members reduce the trauma of family separation, multiple foster home moves, or placement away from the county or state.

  • Ohio Children’s Alliance follows a broad strategy to improve the lives of children impacted by opioid misuse. OCA’s training series equips community agencies and foster caregivers dealing with children at risk, as the result of addiction and overdoses.

  • Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities uses RALI Ohio funds to support their VISTA program, which has provided staff assistance to county boards and other programs, to help with community education, grants and overall prevention efforts.

  • Prevention Action Alliance works statewide to empower youth through substance misuse prevention programs, educate parents and professionals and advocate for policies that protect children and families.

  • Pike County YMCA supports their ‘Hurt to Hope’ program, which offers a safe place for teenagers to come after school and on weekends, during the summer for meals and to receive counseling and guidance.

  • Union County Drug Free Coalition is providing workshops for parents to learn the warning signs of drug abuse in the home and is working with local faith communities on preventing teen drug use.

  • Start Talking! Grandview provides educational materials through print, video and social media that are offered through community meetings and events at the local high school. These safety messages are timed around homecoming and prom gatherings, as well as to student athletes.


The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Ohio supports programs that prevent the misuse of prescription medicines so that more lives can be saved. We do this by bringing together community leaders and elected officials who are committed to finding effective solutions and sharing ideas that will make a difference across our state.

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