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RALI OH and Partners Provide Resources for Ohio Veterans

As veterans return from war, reconnecting to life in America can be difficult. Serving takes a mental, physical, and emotional toll on veterans that makes them much more likely to misuse substances. As the opioid crisis continues, there are organizations across Ohio that are working to reduce the stigma and raise awareness for the resources available to veterans and their families. If you or a loved one needs help, the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Ohio and its partners can help.

RALI Ohio is a coalition of partners and organizations working together to find and elevate solutions to the opioid epidemic. Together, we support a broad range of programs to address substance misuse, including prevention, treatment, and recovery services. It’s important that veterans and their families have access to the resources they need to fight substance misuse.

Through our work with statewide and national veteran organizations, RALI Ohio recognizes that the veterans’ community is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of the opioid crisis.

We are also mindful that many older veterans may be helping to raise grandchildren. As a result, we are working hard to ensure that veterans and their families are aware of and able to access available resources in their area.

RALI OH worked with partners to create a guide to help grandparents, parents, guardians, and all loved ones protect themselves and find support when they need it. To view and download the educational brochure, click here.

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