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RALI Ohio Donates 1,000 Drug Disposal Kits to Jefferson Co. Prevention & Recovery Board

Kits help to safely dispose of unwanted, unused drugs to help reduce substance misuse

Steubenville, OH - As Ohio responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to note that addiction and overdoses continue to plague Ohio communities. The challenge is real and there is something that all Ohioans can do to help reduce the chance that someone misuses prescription drugs.

The Jefferson County Prevention & Recovery Board will use a donation of 1,000 safe disposal kits from the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Ohio (RALI Ohio) to provide residents with a way to properly dispose of medications that are outdated or no longer used. Safe storage and disposal of drugs in the home can reduce substance misuse. The Family Recovery Center in Steubenville and the Pinnacle Treatment Center in Brilliant will distribute the safe disposal kits.

“In some cases, addiction starts with or is enabled by access to prescription drugs, including opioids, at home,” said Daniel Obertance, Jefferson Co. Prevention & Recovery Board. “If residents can clean out their medicine cabinets and safely dispose of unused medications, this can greatly help in prevention efforts.”

“I salute the good work of the Jefferson County Prevention & Recovery Board, Family Recovery Center and Pinnacle Treatment Center to diligently address substance misuse and encourage prevention efforts,” said State Senator Frank Hoagland. “RALI Ohio has provided thousands of disposal kits across Ohio and this donation will strengthen our local efforts to reduce addiction and misuse. We need to address substance misuse on all fronts with support for recovery providers, first responders, and families dealing with addiction.”

The donated disposal bags will be distributed through Family Recovery Center of Steubenville and the Pinnacle Treatment Center in Brilliant. The Centers will provide disposal kits to their clients and at other community locations including at the Downtown Steubenville Farmers Market, and there are plans to work with local funeral homes to provide to families who may be disposing of medications of a deceased family member.

The disposal bags provide a safe way to throw away unused prescription medications. The bags can hold pills, liquids, or patches and after adding water, the pouch is sealed and can be disposed of safely in a household trash can. The medicine is deactivated and unable to be misused.

RALI Ohio is a diverse alliance of medical and patient groups, addiction prevention and education organizations, recovery providers, and advocates. RALI Ohio offers educational resources from national and Ohio-based experts. Visit for more information.


About RALI Ohio: The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Ohio is an alliance of local, state, and national organizations committed to addressing the epidemic of substance misuse in the state through support for effective education, prevention, treatment and recovery programs.

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